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Irina Usok released from the U.S. prison

The Russian actress is accused of kidnapping

Russian star series 42-year-old actress Irina Usok, was detained at the airport in new York on charges of kidnapping. Statement on the kidnapping of two-year daughter filed a police report her father, with whom the actress was in a civil marriage. A few days later she was in prison on Rikers island, and the girl was handed over to the relatives of the father, because he at this point was absent in the state.

The fact that she gave birth child in America, so the baby has dual citizenship. And, although the father is blank, but she was given his name. In a couple did not work, so she quietly took the child to Russia do not agree with anything American. Why she went with the child in the United States, knowing that there she is wanted, is unknown.

Russian diplomats have managed at some stage to resolve the conflict. Usok released from prison. March 20, but it is waiting for the court, which will decide the fate of the actress and the baby. Irina under US law, could face up to 20 years in prison, writes "MK".

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