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Daughter Dana Borisova ran away from home, calling mom "inadequate"

Network wondering, family problems or we are waiting for new show

Dana Borisova recently complained about the difficult transition to adulthood from my daughter Pauline. The girl was rude, using foul language, not obeying. And then, altogether, ran away from home, as reported in Instagram.

"We had a fight, I freaked out and left home. This has been when mom came home with the dude from 'let's get married!" (it infuriated me)," — said Pauline. 'I took the backpack, money and left."

His mother, however, she called: "cunning and inadequate man don't be sorry". However, soon the post was deleted, and the girl returned home.

Meanwhile Dana went to the international anti-drug camp in the Crimea to support those who are there now treated.

"By the way, while I'm in the camp that my daughter is with my dad, his grandfather. All right, with the difficulties of adolescence while coping," Borisov reassured its subscribers.

However, not everyone believed her. Many suspect that it is preparing a new show of Andrei Malakhov. After having been cured of bad habits and having the opportunity to communicate with her daughter, Dana Borisova, became interesting to nobody. Need a new topic of scandal.

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