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Maxim Vitorgan was not as loyal to an interview with Ksenia Sobchak

He ruled out the mother of his son from among close people

Ksenia Sobchak for a long time waited, chose the channel, kept the intrigue and finally gave an interview about his personal life. However, she did not directly answer almost any question that I liked her father-in-law Emanuel Vitorgan. But the husband of delight did not share in his microblog, he wrote a great post on this topic. In his opinion, the decent people on this show do not go, but he knows from friends that even offered money for participation that will soon be released a few programmes relating to his person. Invited him.

"So that's what I have to say: go to such programs as a guest or a hero to have verbiage about yourself or about someone I consider a shameful affair. I do not blame anyone: it happens need cause or on TV so you want that urine is not, and the resolution just is. It is the choice of each" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., wrote Maxim. — "Today I am happy that you can't see in these programmes people really close to me. It is, sorry for the pathos that is incompatible with their internal moral tuning fork".

Максим Виторган не был столь лоялен к интервью Ксении Собчак

Your post, the actor was accompanied by шуткой

All the others called it just the attendants at the entrance. Those wishing to discuss the situation on his page, he advised himself off so as not to waste time on the "ban". He believes that this infopovod life for another week or two and then everything will calm down.

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