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Rocker of hawton was a loyal man

Creator of group "Bravo" 35 years of faithfulness to one case and only woman

In the 80-ies Eugene Havtan was fond of music and worked part time selling trendy jeans that brought him to illegal income. In his youth, in these frivolous occupations musician could condemn as a person without a definite occupation. But the student of engineering of the University of Hawtin has created a team of enthusiastic rock friends. His first guitar he bought with mom in a thrift store for 70 rubles — and this was a key moment in his life. The group, which has no name, came a soloist Zhanna Aguzarova.

Рокер Хавтан оказался преданным человеком

Zhanna Aguzarova and Eugene Autofoto:

The musicians played a stylish rock-and-roll, and they were all considered citizens of Leningrad, although both participants and the leader Eugene Havtan were Muscovites. After Aguzarova in the group worked for some time, Evgeny Osin, and after it the soloist of the team was Valeriy Syutkin. The name "Bravo" came of itself from the floor that from the first concerts filled with audience. Around those same years, Eugene Havtan stole best friend's future wife Marina Hawtin.

Since then, it took 35 years. Group "Bravo" continues to operate successfully, and the family hearth still warms the life of the leader of the team. Eugene and Marina together for 35 years. Their daughter is training in the USA. The program Yevgeny Mayorov Eugene Havtan showed his cozy suburban home, where he now lives with his wife and cat. Feature stylish interior of the cottage gives a huge record collection, posters of the band "Bravo" and other favorite bands collected for the entire creative life of the musician.

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