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Why Tatyana Lazareva does not return to Russia

Revealed details of the "Spanish links" celebrity

Former KVN schiki Tatyana Lazareva and Michael Schatz in recent years not playing together and there are rumors that the couple married only formally. The family Duo of Tatiana and Michael, apparently, finally collapsed, a couple living separately in different countries. Michael Schatz continues to work as a corporate presenter, and Lazarev has lived in Spain and complains of problems with health.

Media discuss that only appeared in the telegram-channel "Nebogina" message about the relationship between former spouses and partners on stage. "Schatz was cheating on Tanya in front of mutual friends and acquaintances, and then shake off wife in an inadequate state abroad to enjoy life with 20-year-old girls, — stated in the message telegram channel. — Schatz gives Tanya to work, limited finances, sends her only 1,500 euros per month. He snapped her from her friends, says she is mentally ill, impose the sense of guilt. This guy is the real reason for her troubles — might be a sex addict and a psychopath Mikhail Shatz, who sent home his wife in Spanish link," — said the source.

Почему Татьяна Лазарева не возвращается в Россию

A message from Nebozhenko:

Tatiana Lazareva commented on the new information. First, the presenter said that the decision to move to Europe she took herself, and Michael was forced to deal with it. Tatyana Lazareva and her 11-year-old daughter Antonina lived for two years in Spain, girl in school. Michael Schatz forced to cope with loneliness. Artist meet in the company of women, though with his wife until he divorced.

Despite the disturbing information in social networks, Tatyana Lazareva without work in Spain is not sitting, according to her page on Instagram. Leading opened online school for moms and at the end of last year suggested culinary tours to Spain, which they intend to carry out together with Michael Schatz.

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