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Limar brought themselves to a state of ideal

Subscribers saw the photo of ex-member of "House-2" traces one plastic surgery

Star telestroke Daria Lymar convinced that her problems in personal life depend on the characteristics of the shape. 25-year-old girl told followers on Instagram that all life is suffering from complexes. "Have you ever noticed why I don't post pictures of the side or rear? Yes, that's right! I don't like my fifth point. The operation is called lipomodulina" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., — said Daria. Limar admitted that my entire adult life, he wore a dress "jingle bells", avoiding jeans and tried to turn around to the guys just before on the beach. The girl read a lot of psychological literature on the adoption itself, but to win on their own and could not. So the only way to achieve the ideal, from her point of view, is to go under the surgeon's knife.

In the end, Daria Lymar kept his word. She said that made lipoplasty and just waiting for you to show your beautiful photo to the envy of Kim Kardashian. Immediately after anesthesia, the girl felt pain, until the swelling went down, but the moral of her condition makes you forget about pain, and about other problems of the recovery period.

Лымарь довела себя до состояния идеала

Daria Lymar after operativitate:
Members wondered why, after surgery on the "fifth point" limar took the photo lying on the back, and complained that can't smile because of the swelling. How so? While on the chest, trapped in the frame, the visible dotted line, which is usually applied before surgery surgeon. This lost me followers: they continue to experience curiosity, what is the currently reduced or increased Daria Lymar.

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