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Prigogine has expressed sympathy for the father decl

Alexander Tolmatsky did not have time to say good-bye

Producer and husband of Valerie Joseph Prigozhin said that the decl father, producer Alexander Tolmatsky, did not have time to say good-bye. According to Prigogine, the relationship of the rapper with his father was strained, however, the reason for this state of Affairs unknown to him. He added that perhaps this is an example of the eternal problem of fathers and children, informs "MK".

Recall that the "pioneer" of the genre of hip-hop in Russia, the rapper Kirill Tolmatsky (Decl), died from heart failure at the age of 35 years on the night of 3 February 2019. The father of the musician Alexander Tolmatsky has a direct bearing on the career of the son, because he was from the very beginning producer, his music project, helped to create the image, repertoire and clips stars named Decl. Over time, the relationship between father and son was wrong, Alexander Tolmatsky left the family and remarried, and has two children. However, all interviews, talking to reporters, Tolmatskogo senior said that he is proud of the success of the eldest son, and was offended when it was called simply "Papa decl".

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