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Brezhnev celebrated the birthday with her husband

The singer, contrary to his custom, he shared the video with Konstantin Meladze family idyll

Vera Brezhneva usually does not show family scenes to a wide audience. But in honor of his 37th birthday, the singer lifted the veil of his personal life and showed how they with Konstantin Meladze dinner together.

"Yesterday I spent my day the way I wanted, in the narrow circle of the closest people without the Internet. And only in the evening when everyone is sleeping, avidly read congratulations! I covered another heat wave, a stunning bright energy and LOVE thank you for what I felt yesterday and it's not even the number of compliments ( although their was lots of it), and what meaning they carry!!!!! this is my driving force, thank you for what you do to me what you I have! And let all the awesome wishes will be fulfilled in my life, and you will return with redoubled force!! #37 #ludinovoteplovoz (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., wrote Faith in Instagram.

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Publication of Vera Brezhneva (@ververa)3 Feb 2019 10:38 PST

Despite the late hour, friends don't have to wait long. Publication once commented Maxim Galkin, Mikhail Galustyan and other friends of the singer, which did not have time to do it before.

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