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Psychic: "Roman Gigineishvili and Obolentseva not finished"

Marianne Abravitova promises a speedy reunion of the couple, but for how long?

Rezo Gigineishvili and Nadezhda Obolentseva recently returned from vacation in India. It seems that this trip was momentous for the couple — having returned to Moscow, young people unsubscribed from each other in social networks, allowing gossip about the breakup. And psychic, tarragon and psychologist Marianne Abravitova this version confirms. However, she is confident that this gap will be short.

"These people really have broken up. But their romance is not over. Indeed, they had a fight on vacation — and very seriously, and it all happened incredibly emotional. Told each other things that is extremely difficult to forgive. While the gap only on emotions, hence came the formal reply in social networks," — said psychic.

Экстрасенс: «Роман Гигинеишвили и Оболенцевой не закончен»

Recently Rezo Gigineishvili and Nadezhda Obolentseva returned from Indiaphoto:

"Now they are trying to prove to each other that they are all wonderful. This is pure window dressing, including for other. Yes, this is done from the point of view of the position that we are all successful people, and each other's company, we don't need anymore. It's all words and actions, because they can not on the level of mental connection to move away from each other. This will continue for some time, and all this will be discussed. But soon they make peace and will continue to exist as a couple. And all I'd see them again bright novel", says Marianne.

"But this relationship is not for life. I don't see marriage and a family idyll. This pair of karma does not remain together. Each will have its partners. But while we will see a happy reunion and a bright long-lasting relationships," concluded Abravitova.

Экстрасенс: «Роман Гигинеишвили и Оболенцевой не закончен»

Prior to that, Gigineishvili was married to Nadezhda Avramenko Michaelcologne

Note that before Obolentseva, Gigineishvili was married twice — on "the" star factory "participant" Anastasia Kochetkova and Nadezhda Mikhalkova, the daughter of Nikita Mikhalkov. The first wife gave birth to the Director's daughter, second a son and a daughter, but children are unable to retain resolution in the family. Obolentseva also not so long ago left her husband — in 2014, she became the wife of Airat Iskhakov, but in 2017, the couple divorced. For girls, this marriage too was the second.

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