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Bat looks at your age really

Exchanging fifth decade, the TV presenter is not afraid to show wrinkles

The ex-host of the program "Revizorro" Elena Volatile rightfully gained a reputation as a strong woman. She recently celebrated 40 years, but not even trying to pretend that she's forever 25. Fly to the distant Galapagos Islands, Helen revealed how his time at work, making SPA treatments and complies with the detox. On top of this series of photos in the microblog star posted a video in the genre of selfie, which astonished fans. It seems that Bats used a photoshop effect in a special mode, and in the video, she added ten years: dark circles under the eyes, small wrinkles...

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Publication of Elena Letuchaya-Anashenkova (@elenapegas)1 Feb 2019 at 8:24 am PST

In this manner, the TV star has acquired a new drama and became like the Mona Lisa, which no one called ideal beauty. This antiglamurny demonstration caused a storm of comments and provoke haters. Volatile rebuked, that did not save her perfect beauty. This provocation the TV presenter revealed a big problem of modern women: society denies them the right to aging beautifully and in middle-age to remain romantic and attractive.

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