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Sokolowski joined Dakota

The musician warned that aggressive haters it will apply drastic measures

Vlad Sokolovsky after returning from Bali, made a public statement on his page. "I have a big request to people who subscribed to me and follow my life. Let's end the demagoguery on the subject of me and Rita, we had ourselves to deal with all the issues. I ask you not to insult her and no way to humiliate. I'm going to block those people that will try to catch her or me, those who considers that has the right to insult us. There methods can only be radical..." (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx.
This attack singer no one was scared, but on the contrary, revived the subject. Responded groupies. Vlad called "so damn beautiful", but "a strange boy", which is itself three months all showed his new passion, and now come to his senses — but too late.
We will remind that Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota broke up due to infidelity of a young man, but for a common daughter, MIA support possible friendships. It seems that the two put an end to their love story, but fans secretly hope for a come back passion of this pair.
By the way, Vlad Sokolovsky recently published a post in which you publicly apologized to Rita Dakota, recognizing that he had lost the best of everything he had, bringing a lot of pain and frustration their friends and family. At the end of the post, the singer regretted that he could not change the situation, and promised not to betray himself or his loved one.

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