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Tree and she discussed the birth of children

The stars talked about their views Tatiana Lazareva

Singer Ricky admitted to a new program by Tatiana Lazareva on the YouTube channel that she was literally tortured questions about why she has no children. Interested journalists and fans like nothing more to ask famous singer. "I have a great life, but I was a little bit annoying the lack of tact people have. Sometimes it seems that I have to justify myself to others for the child's absence. But I don't have to do that," said Tree.

Елка и Долецкая обсудили рождение детей

Alain Delicate:

And the journalist Alyona Doletskaya sharing your story. She is 18 years old, married and dreamed to become a large mum. But fate decreed otherwise. "I have had 12 miscarriages, 14 IVF attempts. I went through hell. Yes, I was hurt, when people are tactless asked about the children, but over time I realized that don't have to justify to anyone". Tatyana Lazareva — mother of many children. The eldest son of Tatiana and Stepan was born out of wedlock. About the relationship with the father of the first baby TV presenter says as an error of youth. Her husband, Mikhail Shatz and Lazarev gave the two daughters — Sofia and Antonina. In the new program Lazareva star will discuss what it's like for a woman to live without children and live with children, and that you have to go for the happiness of motherhood.

Елка и Долецкая обсудили рождение детей

Tree denied that these girls are her decerative:

Recall that recently the media got the information that the Tree hides of two adult daughters. But the singer later denied it.

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