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Maria Poroshina walks with fifth child

A mother finds time to do a newborn son

Actress Maria Poroshina fans called a heroic woman. Not only that, she recently gave birth to her fifth child, not been on maternity leave and came on the scene, and finds time to walk with her little son in the February snow.
Outings with baby Maria Poroshina not trust the eldest daughter or the babysitter. She chose the time to make yourself and your son helpful and pleasant — when the Epiphany frosts came a soft Feb, mother of many children rolled out onto the street, a fancy carriage with the baby.
Fans do not constrain delight in calling Poroshino icon and heroine. Notice that the 45-year-old actress after childbirth will not give, and thirty. The followers concluded that such as Poroshina, destined to become a large — her femininity is irresistible and organic. Despite all the hardships of life after the fifth birth, the actress looked younger and thinner.

On issues as called baby, Maria Poroshina yet said nothing. Who is the boy's father, she also said.

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