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Police are investigating the circumstances of the death of decl

In the Izhevsk club removed the dishes and things, interviewing witnesses, checking of doctors of "ambulance", study video from surveillance cameras

The circumstances of the sudden death of 35-year-old rapper decl, which does not hurt and did not complain of health, is being carefully studied by criminologists. The artist came to play in the club, to a party of a local businessman Nikita pantjuhina. The musician was sober and calm, played our hour set, went to the dressing room, and there he had a heart attack. The artist refused the invitation to guests to join the feast, he did not drink alcohol. For himself he asked only 50 grams of cognac "ligaments" that made most of the performers. After the speech the actor went to the dressing room, where they found him already dead. Doctors "first aid" has taken action for the resuscitation, had a shot of adrenaline, held a closed heart massage, but it was no use. Clothing, Luggage decl while no illegal drugs found. This was reported by channel REN TV.
The media got footage from surveillance cameras at the club where you can see how a musician works on the party and further the work of doctors of "ambulance" and investigators.
The people around decl remembered that he jokingly promised in 35 years to fake his own death and secretly to go live on a desert island. This idea he repeated several times, but no one took these plans seriously musician.
Currently, we are conducting a thorough investigation into the death of a musician. It can take a criminal nature.

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