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Posner supported the position Sobchak

The journalist shared his opinion on the subject of polygamy and gender inequality

Vladimir Pozner in his Instagram commented on the current topic about the relationship Ksenia Sobchak, Maxim Vitorgan and Konstantin Bogomolov. "To understand why this is so interesting — well, if not all, very many, — honestly, I can't. I can say the same about the extraordinary public interest in the personal lives of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Perhaps there is an explanation for why this is so all the draws, but so far nobody has given a convincing explanation. I think it is very strange" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., — admitted to journalists that is confident that there are an infinite number of more important topics than these two. Also Vladimir Pozner remembered that the day before in the company of his friends again spontaneously, a dispute arose about Sobchak and Vitorgan. The journalist seemed a reasonable statement of Xenia, that there is injustice that if a man is being unfaithful, it is called proudly "macho", but in relation to keen women speak only humiliating and obscene.

"Why society can forgive a man that does not forgive the woman? And even admires them, and it condemns. I think this role was played by religion. Here is the commandment "thou shalt Not covet the wife of thy neighbor" is exist, but the commandment "thou shalt Not covet the husband of your neighbor" — this is why something exists. I, as a biologist by training I can tell you that in General we humans are polygamous, not monogamous. Both men and women. And in this sense nature has made us equal," wrote Posner and invited subscribers to discuss this important topic.

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