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Steven Seagal was asked to warm

An artist who came to Moscow for permanent residence in summer, winter decided to move to Sochi

Hollywood star and martial arts master Steven Seagal in the summer of 2018 received Russian citizenship and moved to live to Moscow. His plan was to open a private elite school of martial arts in which he was going to teach the children of the Russian elite. However, the project was unsuccessful. The company that Seagal has registered in Russia to create business and became rich.
But foreign star gave the mansion on the ruble, where 66-year-old Steven moved with his wife and son.

Стивен Сигал попросился в теплые края

Vladimir Putin and Steven Sigafoo:

Meanwhile, in Moscow, came the cold and snowy winter. How many times in the history of Russia, a foreigner could not stand the harsh climate and personally called the Deputy Governor of Sochi, with notice that already collects suitcases and asks to provide him with housing in the Krasnodar region, reports "StarHit".

"Seagal moved to warmer climes, selecting the location of Krasnodar Krai, — said surrounded by Stephen. There and winter is not felt — after all, he is accustomed to a warmer climate."

Sochi authorities considered the request and promise to the actor to provide the house. While considered two options, where it will be, — the Krasnodar and Gelendzhik.

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