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Bilan wrote a book of memoirs

Fragments of a manuscript of a future best seller already in the press

His book Dima Bilan called "planet Bilan" and dedicated it to himself. In particular, the singer frankly told him why he never married her, although he fell in love and was loved.

"I cynically dissected your love and affection — analyzed myself and chosen, then attracted, then, by contrast, were cast... And when the situation is forced to choose between feelings and career I preferred the second. Always" — publishes excerpts of the manuscript "StarHit".

Bilan regrets that he never managed to be simultaneously attentive boyfriend and a hard-working artist. In this regard, the singer remembered the words her grandmother about what true love, friendship, wealth is not in danger, because all present — spiritual, not material. Matter has no power over spirit. Bilan believes that his devotion to the music is not for money but for love.

Becoming famous, the artist noticed that his personality has undergone significant changes. If he used the house feel real, but the scene just worked, but now it's real it was on the stage, and his home became simply an appendage to the main, which is now his life.

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