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Balinsky complains of surgeons

The star of "House-2" it is recognized that chose the wrong doctors for surgery

Anastasia balinsky left the telestroke and now lives and works in his native Republic of Belarus, Grodno together with another member of the "House-2" Alexey Kudryashov. The lovers met on the project and together left reality, and for the past year, young people are demonstrating all a harmonious relationship.

Балинская жалуется на хирургов

Anastasia balinsky and Alexei Kudrjashovoj:

But balinskaya not abandoned plans to become a star, so always improves your appearance in a quest to achieve the ideal of beauty.

However, the rhinoplasty Anastasia regretted. In her Instagram she said that referred to the "inept surgeons" who ruined the health of girls.

"I have two years I'm without them I can't breathe. Not only that, my nose curve, it is also huge (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — complained Anastasia subscribers. — It swells in the cold swells when I sleep".

Balinsky wants to find a lawyer through the Internet and sue the surgeon who does not recognize his guilt and believes the claims of a former patient of the invention.

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