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Clairvoyant: "Baranovskaya'll meet your man"

Galina Janko commented on the rumors about the reunion of Andrei Arshavin with the mother of his children

Recent photo of Andrey Arshavin with the heirs, which gave birth to Julia Baranovskaya, provoked the rumors that the player had decided to reconcile with his ex-wife. But the clairvoyant, the magician and tarragon Galina Janko in this scenario of further developments does not trust: "in a couple did not recover. And then, the communication and relationship are completely different things. The connection was, but the threads of their relationship long ago broken. He will marry and he will have more children. But Baranovskaya'll meet her man, despite its clearly feminist tendencies", — said Galina.

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Publication from Andrey Arshavin (@andrey.arshavin10)Jan 19, 2019 7:02 PST

"Arshavin is incredibly purposeful, and with the sport he has his own love. Partly we can say that family and children for him still in the background. He is married to the job. See him in the future some kind of trauma associated with the feet. But all this he will overcome. He is a complex character, and Baranovskaya, we can say, broke up with him for his happiness. It would be unbearably hard to live with this man. According to karma, they could not stay together. He has pride, and it largely interferes with his personal life," — said the psychic.

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Publication of Yulia Baranovskaya (@baranovskaya_tv)23 Sep 2019 12:55 PST

"As Baranovskaya, I see that her fate is still the birth of a child at a later time. She Baranovskaya do not consider myself a single mom and totally feels comfortable with the mother of his children — regardless of the availability of a number of men. It is worthy and good woman. Arshavin I see in travel, and he would often travel abroad may, for some time will work there. Baranovskaya, by the way, a very long time was occupied in his heart a great place," said Janko.

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