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Lisa Peskov told in detail about yourself

Daughter of press Secretary of the Russian President said in the microblog on the most frequent questions of journalists

17-year-old Elizabeth Peskov actively developing your blog, posting one after the other confessions. The identity of the young heiress to the famous names, of course, largely attracted subscribers because of the status of her father. However, Lisa tries to warm up this interest, talking about fashion, body care and face, shares his rules of life and enters into arguments with haters who have it to spare.

Peskov has published a questionnaire and chose the most frequent questions of journalists, and frankly she answered them.

Лиза Пескова подробно рассказала о себе

Elizabeth Peskovatka:

She warned never dyed my hair and hates when she asked about it. The girl turns out to be a genetic propensity to be overweight, and her slender figure is the result of regular exercise and proper nutrition. Since childhood she has problem skin, and she spent three years recovering from severe acne (pimples). Its a habit from childhood — to keep a detailed diary and keep different tickets, and other little things from trips. Childhood she spent in a private boarding school in France where he lives now, her mother and two brothers. The guest house was in the village. School Lisa graduated as an external student and was preparing to enter the Institute with Tutors. Now she speaks fluent English and French, learning Turkish and Arabic, the German and Dutch languages are very beautiful. Also Lisa Peskov recalled that in the childhood was engaged in dances in "Todes", she manifested talents to painting, but she left the class, what now regrets...

In addition to detailed descriptions of their tastes in music, movies, animation, literature, Peskov also commented on the question of bad habits. Not without irony, she noticed that she has an addiction to... the spray from a cold. Elizabeth also remembered that the school peers didn't like her and was called "marginal".

Recall now that Lisa is a student of the Institute of Asia and Africa, who had finished her father.

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