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Gregory of Constantinople announced the marriage

Family trips to the cinema are not only civilians, but the stars. And I have to admit that the star out in mode plus one, and sometimes more, very pleased with the secular press. Details in the review

Movie premiere, "October", 29 Jan

The premiere coincided with the 55th birthday of film Director Grigory Konstantinopolsky, so I congratulated him with double diligence, words and even gestures as Masha Tsigal. Gregory himself, supporting the tradition of making your birthday a pleasant for close people, also made a unique gift — announced from the stage that his girlfriend Vladislav Fetisov no longer just a girl, and a wife. Hall responded with an approving roar and applause.

Григорий Константинопольский объявил о женитьбе

Yuliya Snigir and Evgeny Avramenko Cihanbeyli

Yuliya Snigir and Evgeny Tsyganov amid continuing gossip in spite of everything every publication continues to exude warmth, tranquility and the vibe of family well-being.

Григорий Константинопольский объявил о женитьбе

Andrey Avramenko Makarevichey

The most punctual guest on this day was Andrei Makarevich, whose son Ivan played in the film the main role. While the son was on the red carpet gave an interview, Andrei V. modestly tried to pass but failed — had to say Hello, hug and even take a picture.

Movie premiere, "Illusion", January 31

Григорий Константинопольский объявил о женитьбе

Leonid Yarmolnik and Andrey Avramenko Moleculename

Leonid Yarmolnik came to the show with his wife Oksana, daughter Alexandra and son Alexey Maltsev. However, the main attention Leonid Isaakovich paid not family, friend and colleague, actor Andrew Smolyakov. Men clutched each other's arms until the crunch of bones and could not stop talking.

Григорий Константинопольский объявил о женитьбе

Viktoriya Tolstoganova and Aleksey Avramenko Agronomicheskaya

Trying to look uncouth bully next to his wife, the beautiful Victoria Tolstoganova, Director Alexei Agranovich a little scary for people who are not familiar with his talent and temperament. Victoria herself to the antics of Alex, it seems, long been used and refers to him with a pretty condescension.

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