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Sergey Lazarev complained about people trying to tarnish his name

The artist noted the increased number of provocations on the eve of "Eurovision"

Sergey Lazarev has published in his Instagram a screenshot of this letter on the radio, the contents of which seems, at first glance, a joke. Someone asks to prohibit rotation Lazarev song "Whisper" because in the office all day listening to it on the radio, and his head singing along, mangling the words. Listener complains that his mental health suffer "irreparable damage."

Сергей Лазарев пожаловался на людей, которые пытаются очернить его имя

A letter to radiophoto:

Sergey Lazarev absolutely no humor reacted to this situation and wrote that, in his opinion, someone on the eve of the Eurovision song contest throws all kinds of provocations, the articles and "some kind of heresy", which tries to blacken the name of the singer. He promised that the boomerang effect would work perfectly, and in the near future, evil will come back to someone in threefold.

Specific addressee, Sergey Lazarev did not elaborate, but his genuine reaction has puzzled not only fans, but also experienced colleagues. First came to the aid of Dima Bilan "the World periodically falls into a kind of vortex of nonsense! Periodically notice it!!! Good luck Earrings from the heart!!! To do their job and forward only!!" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., — he wrote. Comedy star Catherine Barnabas said that she's hysterical with laughter.

Fans in most strongly stood up for his idol and advised Sergey Lazarev just don't pay attention to the actions of sick people.

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