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Tolmatskogo asked his son to forgive him

The father of the deceased decl published recognition

"So we're not talk...More than anything I was afraid you wouldn't come to my funeral... My attempts to start a communication with you has been a complete failure. I'll never know why you didn't made a step forward or give me some kind of sign... I loved you, don't understand why you said a lot of strange things in my life... made it so that you bury I-I'm Sorry maybe I really was a bad father???? But know my love for you is limitless. Children dream of their parents, I'm proud of you!!! Forgive me..... heart bursts with love and pain.... Here's a lousy February..." (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — written by Alexander Yakovlevich Tolmatsky on the page in "Facebook".

Толмацкий попросил у сына прощения

Alexander Tolmachevo:

This is a tragic confession father published almost after all, who began loudly to mourn for Declo immediately after the news of his death. In the Network appeared a lot of "revelations" of different people who met life with the musician briefly or not met at all, but wished "to hypnoti" on his posthumous fame. In particular, a lengthy post and photo with Declan published even a hostess club, where the musician was found dead in the dressing room after his speech.

As for Alexander Tolmatsky, the depth of his personal tragedy is hard to imagine and can understand how hard it was to find the right words. The history of the decl ascent to the musical Olympus is the result of great producing the work of his father, who not only financed the project and was its ideologist and main fan. In a time when the domestic music a star named Decl, Russia had no idea about the genre of hip-hop, and all felt it was the direction of failure. Alexander Tolmatsky from the very beginning was sure that his son didn't just become famous, but to be a legend and the founder of the genre. And so it was.

Later, however, Cyril Tolmatsky Alexander Tolmatsky and quarreled. 20 years, the father had no contact with his son. Tolmatskogo-senior for the first time publicly admitted that it was a mistake. By the way, the producer said that the media reports that in the blood of the musician is not found traces of banned drugs is a complete nonsense. The results of the analysis are not known yet.

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