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Prigogine remembered youth

The producer showed his youthful portrait and asked the fans to share experiences

The husband and the producer of the singer Valeria is known as the man, not devoid of self-irony. But this time Joseph Prigogine decided on a desperate step: he was photographed next to his own portrait 25 years ago and asked fans to honestly compare what he was like in his youth, and whether now. Prigogine reminded that he hails from Azerbaijan, where the fashion was a lush mustache and at least a full head of hair — as the main character in the movie "Mimino". By the way, the comparison with the model of Vakhtang Kikabidze is not accidental. His career as a producer Prigozhin began as an administrator of the artist, whom everyone simply called Buba Kikabidze.

Now the vegetation on the face and head Joseph Prigogine disappeared, and wrinkles as if not increased. Fans appreciated the changes and was assured that a bald head gives the image of masculinity, and the absence of a mustache does not spoil. So, reputedly, a quarter of a century ago, Joseph Prigogine was young and beautiful Caucasian macho, and now has just become a prominent man.

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