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A friend of Petrosian appreciate in men a sense of humor

Tatiana Brukhanova openly answered personal questions from readers

Assistant Yevgeny Petrosyan do not often talks about personal, although it does not refute the rumors that they have with the boss affair, not just a service relationship. Nevertheless, curious readers of his microblog, she answered the questions "trick". In particular, when asked what the 29-year-old girl values most in men, she called qualities such as "loyalty, resilience in stressful situations and a sense of humor." Unacceptable qualities she brought curmudgeonly, and a tendency to constant whining categorically called "hell."

Among the attractive male qualities Bruchanov did not mention youth and beauty.
Recall that fans have long prepared themselves to hear the news of the engagement of Tatyana from Eugene Vaganovich, but as long as the pair is trying not to flaunt the relationship. In late January, the celebrity couple first appeared in the company of each other — in the eyes of the media and the public, the two of them visited the show. Recall that a huge part of the status between the comedians Petrosyan and Stepanenko is continuing.

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