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Victoria Lopyreva gave birth to

The son of a model born in USA

The long-awaited event happened on the night of 7 February, reports "StarHit". Igor Bulatov and Viktoria Lopyreva became parents. Victoria herself has not yet commented on the news.

In December Lopyreva flew to Florida, where the rest and was preparing to leave daily in consultation with friends and fans on Instagram according to different "Maskim" issues. For example, what things do you need to buy for the first days with the baby, is it not dangerous to be vaccinated and so on.

The birth of a son Vic had prepared thoroughly. However, the date of an upcoming event she was silent. Model as far as possible, hid his position interesting, therefore, to independently calculate when the baby needs to be born, interested fans could not. Victoria has also long intrigued without telling the name of the father of the child, when her pregnancy became obvious. The secret was revealed when the media has declassified the attitude of the expectant mother with businessman Igor Bulatov. While pregnancy is lopyrevoy was widely discussed in secular circles, the father became a free man - his wife Tata Karapetyan divorced from her husband, convict him of treason.

Special resonance was caused by the theme that Lopyreva was familiar with the wife of the father of her child, was friends with her and often came to visit the couple. Audience in the majority ganged up on Lopyreva, calling her a home wrecker, and her affair with a married man outrageous cunning.

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