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Natalia Rudova decided to lose weight

The actress is suffering from overeating and did not know what to do with it

35-year-old Natalia Rudova recognized as one of the main beauties in the world of cinema. Blonde with a perfect figure does not get bored with its almost four million members and throws them to different topics for discussion.

Just Natalia Rudova suddenly admitted that can tame the incredible appetite and rapidly gain weight. "One day I'll be as skinny as in the photo and stop to look at a piece of bread like a vampire on blood. Will cease to fall asleep with the thought of ice cream and Wake up with the thought of the pie with potatoes. Someday, but not now. Anyone have the same fit of gluttony, as I did, for a whole month?"(spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx.

As he looked closer, fans of the extra pounds on the body of the actress could not see. But the topic is about weight loss aroused great interest. Girls who faced a similar problem, even tried to joke about this in verse: "is Not got a dress, have experienced stress, bought a cake, cake... got".

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