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Panin took a one way ticket

The actor posted a picture of his visa to the U.S. and signed up with a quote from Lermontov

"Farewell, unwashed Russia, land of slaves, land of lords And you, blue uniforms, And you, his faithful people" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. This flamboyant actor hinted that he is not going to return home.

Панин взял билет в один конец

Visa Safoto:

Members wished to Alexey Panin to an Oscar. Judging by the photos in Instagram, the artist walking around new York, but on his further plans are not yet reported. Knowledgeable members noticed that visa type P3, which was received by Alexey Panin, is provided "artists or activists stage that are sent to US individually or in a team with the goal of performance, learning or training within a one of a kind cultural program".

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