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Clairvoyant: "Sobchak and Vitorgan karmic Union"

Saona explained why not believe in divorce of this couple

Scandal in the family of Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan discussed for the second month. First, the ex-candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation took off his wedding ring, then there were rumors that she had an affair with Director Konstantin Bogomolov. Then a new dramatic twist in one of the capital's cafes allegedly defrauded husband Vitorgan got in a fight with a rival. Then Maxim appears in the microblog post with a photo of the message in which the actor warned that it is still legal wife spends time in a café with Bogomolov. "If someday, somewhere will see me with someone, she does not write. Later," — commented on the Vitorgan, stressing that "this Gestalt it closed".

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Guys tie! 1. I'm not working on call. 2. I can't stand the second time this squeal. 3. This Gestalt I closed. And if someday, somewhere will see me with someone Ksenia not write. Later. Take care of yourself. All. All thanks, all are free.

Publication of Maxim Vitorgan (@mvitorgan) 24 Jan 2019 in 1:26 PST

Bogomolov, by the way, in the microblogging complained of the injuries which he inflicted by a jealous husband Sobchak, however, the audience no trace of fighting on the face of the Director was not able to detect. Then began the talk that this whole story is skillfully choreographed performance. Like, after the failed presidential campaign of interest to Sobchak began to fade, and the family showdown, which breathlessly watching the whole country, is the best way to draw attention to his person. This is supported by the fact that at a recent birthday party of businessman from St. Petersburg Vadim Raskovalov wife came along and sweet talked as if nothing had happened. Clairvoyant and tarragon Saona is also believed that the divorce of this couple is not threatened.

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Publication of Ksenia Sobchak (xenia_sobchak)7 Feb 2019 at 3:46 PST

"I don't see that their family will break even. Relationship in their couple is strong enough and trusting. Everything that happens around them, no more than public relations. Ksenia is an unbelievably caring woman, and even if she goes with someone in the light, then it is clearly not for treason. And if she would want to do it, so certainly not with the publicity. In the family it behaves somewhat differently than in life. Maxim completely satisfied with the wife and not allow even the thought that they will disperse, — said the clairvoyant — By the way, the children of Maxim Vitorgan, in General, also absolutely calmly refer to Sobchak. Xenia is thought to continue his career in politics, but I do not see there is huge progress. The fate of her children are still going on, and she in the near future, most likely, will be engaged in the family rather than secular entertainment. This whole Bogomolov will be some time interesting media, but later they'll forget it".

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Publication of Maxim Vitorgan (@mvitorgan)5 Jan 2019 in 1:37 PST

"The line of fate, these two people are closely intertwined, they have a karmic Union. Even if they had to leave, the fate of constantly drove them again," said Saona.

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