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Kachalina is in terrible condition

Reporters saw, as a living former love Okhlobystin and Ephraim

Kseniya Kachalina in 1993 he received the prize at the film festival in Italy for the drama "Over dark water". She opened great prospects in the movie, she was famous and good. But now the 47-year-old woman does not know.

It is not the age and not the disease. The actress is ruining alcoholism. "Channel five" show, now looks like the actress and how she has transformed their housing. Apartment in the elite house in Bryusov lane, where the square meters are worth their weight in gold, now in need of major repair. Kachalina is not removed, not watching themselves and their homes, around traces of desolation, grime, spoiled food and empty bottles. Currently Kseniya Kachalina does not work anywhere. She lives on the money that sometimes gives her ex-husband Mikhail Efremov. Civil marriage with Ivan Okhlobystin lasted only two years. Then had a relationship with a famous alternative musician Alexei Paperny and death of a newborn baby, who lived only three days. Of love with actor Mikhail Efremov was born the only daughter of Kachalino — Anna Maria. The apartment has a room, which she did not let me. On the door the inscription: "the only Entrance to Anna Maria Ephraim". Inside, flowers and children's toys. Here once lived the daughter of an actress, who has long left his mother.

Now 47-year-old woman looks older than his age, but does not lose the last hope to return to normal life. According to her, she tried to fight addiction, but loneliness and depression again pushed her into the abyss.

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