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Shevtsova takes destiny into their own hands

After the expulsion of the "House-2" the girl is not going to stop there

Yana Shevtsova, who said that expecting a child with rapper Guf, have forgotten about it and has dealt with more pressing problems. She became the first in the history of the controversial telestroke that asked to go out for immoral behavior. Bold blonde has evaluated his options and made a choice. She told about it in the "against Borodina Buzova". For a start, it will be engaged in the oldest profession.

"This made a lot of money. Will start with the dirt, and continue others. But to transfer I only go because I want more expensive to sell themselves", — quotes the words of Shevtsova Internet-a portal".ru".

To work best the girl prepared thoroughly. In his Instagram she showed, as did the nails, hair, nose, eyebrows, put in order the face and even worked with a psychologist to overcome the depression.

"Very, just very, very rare sincere people, and today, still made me understand a drop of what is around me there's those people that I can have something to trust, say psychologists? Absolutely not! Of course they help, but it is only in the near future to release you from depression. Once again, our future is in our hands. We don't appreciate when it's around, we don't appreciate even when we lose...I hear everything, I take everything, thanks for my kind and helpful people always there" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — written by future star escort.

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