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Son Yakovleva continues to experiment with his looks

Denis Stray repainted the beard and hair

26-year-old Denis, who everyone knows as the son of a movie star Elena Yakovleva, continues to experiment with his looks. A young man from nature is beautiful and beautifully complicated. But his body and face he covered a lot of tattoos than earned the image of a freak, which he is not happy. Denis Stray decided that is ripe for family life and married, but soon divorced his wife Victoria. This event he noted that painted his beard pink.

In addition to the experiments on your appearance, Crazy tries himself in various guises: he played in the theater, was engaged in songwriting and the creation of their videos, and also worked as a tutor in children's camp.

Сын Яковлевой продолжает эксперименты со своей внешностью


Fans of the actress believe that the young man has gone too far in his addiction to tattoos, to return to the ordinary human being. Although whether Denis to comply with any standards, is not clear. "Only in Russia we judge people by appearance. He became a bad person because of your tattoos? Not like everyone else? Dropped out as I realized that it was not his. Yes, not only do we have people who graduate and not working in their specialty! If this reasoning, then we must all wear a uniform, haircut parted in the middle and God forbid, different from the rest of the gray mass", — write fans.

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