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Psychic on the participation of Lazarev in the Eurovision song contest: "it will be a standing ovation"

Marianne Abravitova said that the revealed card to the question on the results of the music competition this year

Now officially confirmed for Eurovision in Israel from our country will go Sergey Lazarev. The singer will perform the song he wrote for Philip Kirkorov in collaboration with the Greek composer. asked the psychic, psychologist and Tarot reader Marianne Abravitova to tell what the results of the international competition she sees this year.

Экстрасенс об участии Лазарева в «Евровидении»: «Ему будут аплодировать стоя»

Marianne, Abravitova: materials of press-services

"In spite of a new song such a big bet, I don't see 1st place. But close to the first Lazarev will be selected as the beginning of the psychic. — Will be bright, powerful, overwhelming to the viewer statement. Everything will be more than adequately, at the highest level. Lazarev will perform, as always, at 100. Energy, cool music but a bit to the winner, he won't. This can be called a success, and we all understand that, objectively, he is the best. And for us it will be compatible with the 1st place. His songs and music will also be clearly the best."

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Publication from Sergey Lazarev (@lazarevsergey)7 Feb 2019 at 1:10 PST

"Judging from the Tarot cards, its just for specific reasons and situation, does not miss out on this pedestal. The jury can be subjective, but everyone in the room will support our contractor, regardless of afliation. As for competition in General, the situation will be less severe than last year. Tell me what talent and charisma will negate all the possible negativity in the direction of our party. After the speech of Sergey, the people would almost to a standing ovation," concluded Abravitova.

We will remind that Sergey Lazarev has already represented Russia at the Eurovision song contest in 2016. Then the singer with the song You Are The Only One took third place.

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