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Why Shake and Cooper are silent about his personal life

Unlike many counterparts on the catwalk, the supermodel has not commented on the gossip about her relationship with her husband

Media do not just throw rumors that supermodel Irina Shayk and movie star Bradley Cooper on the brink of divorce, that adds fuel to the fire, the mother of Cooper, who believes the model is not the best choice for my son. And after the successful directorial debut of actor has been rumors about his affair with Lady Gaga, who played a major role in its melodrama.

However, in addition to rumors, no evidence of the disorder in the star's family has not appeared. Irina Shayk will never post family photos and gives comments to the different informational provocations.

In an interview with British magazine Glamour model has expressed its principled position on the subject. "I have many friends who share details about themselves online, and I really think it's great, I admire that kind of openness. But for myself a long time ago I made a decision: if I have so much public work that I am constantly in plain sight, let it be something that belongs only to me one. My family, for example. It is no wonder that personal life is called personal. And I am happy that she is."

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Publication of irinashayk (@irinashayk)8 May 2018 12:14 PDT

In fact, the paparazzi who constantly watch Shake, Cooper and their two year-old daughter Leah, whose photos snapped in glossy magazines, yet find the photo, confirming that the star family are all more than well. Experts consider this pair the most financially successful in the past year.

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