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Sergey Shnurov reacted to the death of Sergei Yursky

Showman called the actor "the last major dinosaur"

Lately, the artists, unfortunately, often has to Express condolences to the family and friends of suddenly deceased colleagues. Sergey Shnurov is never left on the sidelines. For every death of a celebrity he publishes in Instagram poetic lines. Apparently, grief inspires the Muse of the Cord, this time he responded to the death of Sergei Yursky.

"Over the period of the Jurassic. The curtain fell, verse rumble of timpani. Left the scene of our last major Russian dinosaur", the musician wrote on Instagram.

Сергей Шнуров отреагировал на смерть Сергея Юрского

Sergei Yursky in the role of uncle Metacat from the film "Love and doves"

As writes "MK", citing sources from the inner circle of the artist, Jurassic feel bad for a few months. In the fall, he was in the hospital with erysipelas and soaring blood pressure. Among other things, the Jurassic was suffering from diabetes. However, in January he was sent home. Yesterday, February 8, blood sugar skyrocketed, relatives called an ambulance, but the actor died even before arrival of doctors.

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