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In the family of Svetlana Druzhinina there was a scandal over money

The grandson of the founder of the "Cadets" stopped to chat with grandma

Marriage with Anatoly Mukasei Svetlana Druzhinin had two children, but in 1978, her oldest son died, and after some time died, and his wife. All work and grandson Dan helped the actress to cope with depression. Druzhinin was knitting over the arrangements for education and support of the boy himself.

Family harmony has stopped unexpectedly. Daniil Mukasey decided to escape from the excessive guardianship of 83-year-old grandmother. He went to live in India, to do my work. The young man wants to follow in the footsteps of his father, who was the talent of the artist. To not feel pressure and excessive control, the young man sold his mother's room in a communal apartment that Druzhinin had passed was allocated from the rental money. This was the cause of the conflict. Now the older generation does not communicate with her grandson.

"I tried to talk to grandma and convince her that everyone has their own opinion, but she hung up on me. Now Daniel is nowhere spelled out, will apply it to himself" — shared the young man's sister Ksenia Muravyov-Mukasey. "He realizes he went too far with threats and insults, but he was not listening".

From the screen, Daniel spoke to the grandmother and the grandfather with the request to accept him as he is. And apologized for his rudeness. After that Svetlana Sergeevna in his microblog recorded wydobywanie in which he said that he loves his grandchildren. This gives hope that the family Druzhinina again there will be peace.

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