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Anastasia doesn't want to read criticism

The ballerina stripped haters to write her shit

Any publication in the microblog Anastasia Volochkova is just a storm of emotions among its subscribers. Under each post remains hundreds of entries, most often, negative. In the end, a dancer tired of reading about various things, and she decided to radically fight with the haters. The artist has disabled comments in her Instagram, that she was advised to do this and other public people, and spiteful critics to vent their bile on their own pages.

"I am now so calm and peaceful to share with you my photos and videos! Favorite next. The" — boasted a dancer. — "Soul full of positivity and love! And I love you all!".

After a few days of this experiment, Volochkova wrote that he felt fine without the "snakes on his page". Apparently Hayter has really become boring, as many began to unsubscribe from's Instagram Volochkova, which can cause the ballerina's financial problems. For anybody not a secret that part of the income of star — advertising in microblogs, so they need a large number of subscribers.

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Publication from Anastasia (@volochkova_art)7 Feb 2019 3:25 PST

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