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People saw the real trump

The Twitter user revealed that behind the image of the President of the United States

In the network appeared the photo of Donald trump, where a photo editor, a Twitter user with the nickname Stone Cold out of the President's head wig and give the skin natural colour, without a touch of artificial tanning. For this, he took the skin tone around the eyes of the American leader and painted over them all the face. A simple experiment became a sensation in the online publication received more than 70 thousand "likes" and more than 20 thousand shares.

Люди увидели настоящего Трампа

Trump before and after, photoshoparama:

Before, journalists wrote that trump always makes the hair transplant procedure and paints them incorrectly, and applies fake tan to look younger. The appearance of a political figure without "tuning" has produced an unexpected impression: the Network users in the majority noted that "natural" is more consistent with the status of the President, but in the usual way trump more charismatic.

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