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Pugachev's crazy grandson Yudashkin

Diva spent hours nursing a small replica of a designer

Fans notice that the younger grandson of Valentin Yudashkin Arkady, who recently turned six months — a replica of the star's grandfather. This is the second son of the daughter of the designer Galina Yudashkina and descendant of the artistic dynasty Peter Maksakova, who got married in 2014, and now together support the family business and promote the famous brand. Recently, all star family Yudashkina became the guests of the festival in honor of the birthday of the daughter of the singer the Jasmine.

Пугачева без ума от внука Юдашкина

Jasmine and daughter, Margaritte:

Margaret was 7 years old, and followed by Philip Kirkorov, children's party, the singer decided to organize in an atmosphere of books about Harry Potter. Among the star guests were Alla Pugacheva, who came along with Harry and Lisa. However, all the attention the Diva was paid not their own children, and the six-month', which literally did not let down with it during the celebration. Galina Yudashkin posted this video in his Instagram, adding that her son was the happiest of guests.

Пугачева без ума от внука Юдашкина

Galina Yudashkin and Peter Maksakov, delimitato:

"Came to congratulate Daisy happy Birthday, 7 years is a serious date. And Arkady in happiness" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., — she wrote.

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Publishing from Gala Yudashkina Maxakov (@gyudashkina)10 Feb 2019 6:49 PST

Fans Pugacheva saw this as a hint that Allah missed small children, because Harry and Lisa spends all his free time their dad Maxim Galkin.

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