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Buzova on bed rest

The doctors did not allow the singer to even talk

"Good evening, my good. For three days I'm home, my bed and a voice mode (can not speak), and morning to evening I am under medical supervision, ongoing treatments and medications. The doctors strictly forbade me to leave the house... and no "but"! They already know that I can get to work. But now is not the time for jokes, this is serious, my body is now very weak..." (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., — the singer disappointed her fans. The cause of feeling bad, calls His weakened immune system, due to which the body has not coped with the infection. Olga fears that she will have to break the schedule, because even on drugs she was not sure that I will be able to bring at least one show before the end.

Olga Buzova invited followers to learn how it even hurts beautiful: pinned to his chest a plush Bunny — a gift from an unknown admirer and thanked all at once that they are their gifts to make her life in "fruit Paradise".

Buzova also wished all to pay more attention to their health and not to neglect this, even if absolutely no time.

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