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Pugachev was caught between Galkin and Kirkorov

And Maria Mironov appeared on the movie premiere with young actor. Details — in the secular review

If the secular party came Alla Pugacheva, the status of the event changes immediately. But if Alla is among current and former spouses, the secular chroniclers immediately looking for a sensation. This time the sensation was very quiet, because neither Allah, nor Maxim in the presence of the press did not say a word. But the pictures turned out eloquent.

Movie premiere, "October", February 6

Пугачева оказалась между Галкиным и Киркоровым

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Avramenko Halcinonide

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, dressed in total black, marched through the red carpet, which already gave interviews to Philip. Pop the old cheerful shook hands with Maxim, kissed his ex-wife, but the offer to be photographed together refused. In the cinema the same Pugacheva and Galkin were surrounded by paparazzi. This evening the couple unexpectedly found themselves without a personal guard, so Alla and Maxim had a rough time, but the test of the people, they stood stoically and said not a word.

Movie premiere, "October", February 1

Пугачева оказалась между Галкиным и Киркоровым

Maria MironovaGallery Avramenko

Maria Mironova appeared with a young man, who noticed the camera immediately went to the side. Throughout the evening they tried to pretend that unfamiliar. However, trying not to attract attention, the man was taking pictures of Mary the phone and followed her wherever she went. As we found out, 27-year-old young man named Andrew Forty, he's an actor of the Moscow Provincial theater, and Maria Mironova they are in very warm relations.

Пугачева оказалась между Галкиным и Киркоровым

Andrey Avramenko Moleculename

Andrew Smolyakova has caught a persistent admirer of old age and hangs onto it. Handing Ivan Yankovsky film camera, the lady froze. But he paused and Ivan, the miracle of technology has got, perhaps for the first time in my life. Joint efforts, however, figured out, and the fan went away happy.

Movie premiere, "Horizon", February 2

Пугачева оказалась между Галкиным и Киркоровым

Veteranendag Maxim Avramenko

Maxim Vitorgan clearly not the first time appeared in society after a controversial brawl with Director Konstantin Bogomolov, but certainly for the first time at the event covered by the press. Maxim was, as usual, good-natured and polite, but from comments of a personal nature abstained.

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