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Tsyganov, Klimova and Grishaeva came to the cinema with the kids

The heirs of the stars also adore cartoons, but their movies often turn into social events. Especially when there are famous parents

Yuliya Snigir gently but firmly teaches Yevgeny Tsyganov to secular life. Eugene, who has long been famous aversion to all kinds of public events, tries to be honest, patiently endure all the hardships and privations of social life and sometimes even posing here. On Sunday, the pair in the company of six children of Eugene appeared at a children's event.

Цыганов, Климова и Гришаева пришли в кино с детьми

Ekaterina Klimova with sons Matthew and Gordiagini Avramenko

There was seen Ekaterina Klimova with sons Matthew and Corneille. Everyone who was there, said that the sons of Catherine and Igor Petrenko on my feet, and my oldest, Matthew, will soon overtake the mother for growth.

Цыганов, Климова и Гришаева пришли в кино с детьми

Nonna Grishaeva with his son Ilya. Also at Nonna has a daughter Anastasia, but the girl is 22 years old and cartoons it is likely not smotrichenko Avramenko

The same can be said of the twelve-year-old son of Nonna Grishaeva. Ilya was born in the marriage, the actress colleague Alexander Nesterov, and soon the young man will be able to accompany my mother is not like a child, and as a gentleman, if the Pope suddenly not able to make the family company.

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