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Zhidkova asked to be careful

Artist Dating new girlfriend model appearance, but fans fear another scandal

The star of the movie "Black lightning" and "Storm the gates" Ivan Zhidkov hinted that he changes in his personal life showed a romantic photo in the restaurant where you see only the fingers with a nice manicure to the girl that Ivan holds her hand. Fans immediately decided that this is the model Anastasia Yurchenko, known in Instagram under the pseudonym Diva. Attentive followers determined hourly and the ring that the girl dines in company with the artist, and also remembered that the publication of Yurchenko in a negligee liquid with Instagram alias ivantsarevitch1, laykaet and commented on constantly. Anastasia is proud of her perfect figure, which brings her income in the modeling business, and therefore always gladly putting her beauty on display.

However, she does not share details about his personal life, remaining on the background of beautiful nature and fashion of the interiors alone, or with my friends, no less cute than she is. In one of the publications Anastasia put before the readers the question: can self-sufficient woman to be happy alone. And she answered the question that to be a happy woman without a man cannot. It is likely that the model finally found personal happiness.

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Publication of the Entrepreneur/Model (@diva.anastasia)Feb 6, 2019 at 6:43 PST

We will remind that Ivan Zhidkov after his divorce from actress Tatyana Arntgolts met model Lily Solovieva. She bore him a son Stepan, but before marriage it never came. The pair was on and off again. Lily complained that Ivan terrorized by accusations, forcing him to find work and earn money for the family. However, the model did not seek to make a career, and planned to devote himself to the family. In this they with Jidkova are unable to overcome their differences, finally broke, and Lily even wanted to change the baby in the documents name, so he will not be in contact with the biological father.

As for the Yurchenko, Anastasia calls herself a business woman, earns well and is going to design clothes.

However demanding fans warn Ivan Zhidkova care to say: do not rush to make babies to and third child eventually became fatherless.

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