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Radzinsky told about the family tragedy

19-year-old son of the writer became a political prisoner

82-year-old playwright Edvard Radzinsky became the hero of the show, Boris Korchevnikov "the Destiny of man" and told about the tragic fate of his only son Oleg. It was in the USSR when the playwright Edvard Radzinsky and actor Oleg Efremov received permission to travel to the United States. Two celebrities in the trip did not refuse, but on the eve of suddenly arrested 19-year-old son of Oleg Radzinsky, on charges of anti-Soviet agitation. As told to the writer himself, his son generally had no idea what he was in prison.

Because of this, Edvard Radzinsky was forced to cancel the trip, and Oleg Yefremov also did not go without a companion. Political schemers made a hostage of a young man.

Oleg was threatened with five years in a strict regime colony and five-year link to the North. Radzinsky-senior drew all the connections to save his son. In the end, he received a year in prison, which was held while the guy was under investigation. From prison he was sent into exile in Siberia, and when released with a "wolf ticket", the young man had no right to work in Moscow. Radzinsky wrote a letter to the government with a request to send a guy from the Soviet Union. Due to the authority of the writer, his son still "kicked out of the country", and it proved salvation. Now Oleg Radzinsky lives in the USA, he also became a writer like his father. Edward S. recalls that tragic period, he had a son for real family relationships that support him in life. "I realized that I have a son," admitted the famous father.

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