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The mother of Timothy her memoirs

Simon remembered how she lacked maternal warmth

The mother of Timothy Simone appears more and more admirers of her talent publicist and writer. In addition to the touching photo with her granddaughter Alice, which a grandmother helps educate a woman shares memories of family history. Your notes she writes in the form of literary miniatures, illustrating with photos from the personal archive. Recently Simon has written a new Chapter in the history of the family and dedicated it to his mother. It turns out that grandma Timati (Timur Yunusov) had a daughter and a very tense relationship: "my Mother was a very beautiful woman, read, perfectly prepared, treated, knitted, sewed, and always worked hard. She wanted to be like everyone else. And when everything, as in all, any manifestation of individuality, disobedience, causes confusion and discomfort... I do Not remember mother's kisses, hugs, PEP talks... But I remember the constant scandals, and the cry, but the most unbearable to me-the child was a "Changeling"! Everything became quiet as if by magic in the moment when Dad crossed the threshold of the house. Mom immediately started smiling and turned into another person, and I wanted to shout to Dad, "You don't know her! She's not!!!" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — shared Simon's childhood memories. She also admitted that just before mom died, finally heard the words of love that waited 50 years.

Before Simon told a touching story about your grandmother. The elderly woman was diagnosed with cancer in an incurable stage. By the time grandma basically already laid, but on this day got up, got dressed and went somewhere. "My grandmother was three hours. She came back with neat hair, tinted hair and pink manicure. Grandmother drank sweet tea, lay down and would not get up. Two weeks later she was gone', says Simon.

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