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Sparrow admitted the feelings to Petrosyan

The Joker announced that claim to place "Helen the Second"

Elena Sparrow posted a photo with the producer of the program "the curve mirror" Evgenie Petrosyan in an embrace. The photograph shows that the artist, in spite of old acquaintance, in awe of the master. But the signature Sparrow decided to declassify their secret thoughts and feelings. "Oh, I'll take E. V., Oh, hold me seven, a good man, all the time positive, engaged in sports, passionate about job...That my name is not annoying and did not resemble the former, will be asked to briefly call themselves the "E-2" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — written by Elena Sparrow with a hint of Elena Stepanenko.

Recall that Yevgeny Petrosyan divorced in November last year, although the material of claim Elena Stepanenko to the ex-husband is not yet settled. The comedian credited his relationship with his young assistant Tatiana Brownboy. Both do not deny this information, but basically did not publish a joint photo. Recently for the first time Petrosyan and Brukhanova came together to the premiere in the theater, which caused a wave of gossip and publications.

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