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Clooney is outraged by the attitude of Markle

The artist believes that the pregnant Princess organized this persecution

Movie star and PREDPRINIMATELEJJ Clooney in an interview, expressed surprise and indignation at the fact that society mercilessly puts pressure on the Royal family and, in particular, Meghan Markle. The artist has compared what is happening in the press with the persecution which gave to Princess Diana.

"She's in her seventh month of pregnancy, but it does not leave you in peace and try to show them in a bad light just like it was with Diana. History repeats itself. And we saw how it ended," said Clooney, writes

Its contribution to the hysteria in relation to Markle made, strangely, her father. Thomas Markle finds himself hurt and alone, so I took the side of the haters that he recently was allowed to publish a personal letter to Megan, addressed to him. The Daily Mail put the message in volume five pages for everyone to see. In it the Duchess asks his father to come to their senses and stop causing each other pain, "If you love me as much as telling reporters, I beg you, stop. Please stop deceiving and preying on my relationship with my husband." Thomas did everything exactly the opposite: "When I opened the letter, I was hoping that it would end our quarrel. But instead, her words hurt me even stronger."

George Clooney, who dawni been considered a family friend Megan and Harry, expressed their outrage, why the journalists went for it and broke the secrecy of personal correspondence, giving the haters a reason for the attack. "In the press enthusiastically discussing a letter to Megan, which meant her father, and that is unacceptable. I'm surprised such irresponsible media," said Clooney.

Recall that George and Amal Clooney have already been invited to become godparents of the future child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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