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Vodonaeva noticed the special abilities of creed

Star "Houses-2" I am sure that after relations with Egor from his former passions new opportunities

The reason for these reflections Alena Vodonaevoy was the story of Daria Lukinoj models from the Russian heartland who had problems with speech, and in two years became one of the most successful celebrities. Now Daria is preparing for her wedding with a top Manager "Gazprommedia" Vladimir Copolym — rich and influential businessman who can easily make his wife a star. But recently Daria was considered a girl Yegor creed and became the winner of the show "the Bachelor", where Egor was the main character.

Vodonaeva did not bother to conduct its own investigation. And it turned out that two ex-mistresses creed also married immediately after her breakup with musician. We are talking about the singer Nyusha and model Xenia deli. The two met and broke up with Egor Creed, and men chose polar him men are fundamentally different looks and status. Both girls are now rich and happy in marriage.

Alain Vodonaeva invited to ponder their fans: what is Cride that his participation in a woman's life gives it a new twist for the better. "He's now just living sculpture "charging bull" in new York, which rubbed a certain place, to fulfill the cherished desire. Wishing to marry them must take turn to him to negotiate on a short-term "love affair" with bringing good luck Egor", — she said to journalists of the portal "7 Days".

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