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Ex-husband of Kardashian mom entering into a new marriage

After surgery, sex-change 69-year-old Bruce turned to Caitlin and chose his wife's 21-year-old transgender Sophia

Ex-stepfather of Kim Kardashian and her sisters, with whom the mother star semistatic Jenner have been married for more than 20 years, surprises with unusual actions. After the divorce, he is a 66 years announced that he intends to become a woman, and fulfilled his promise. In the new life becoming Kathleen Jenner, transgender decided to find a new happiness and found it in the arms of such as he, young Sophia Hutchins.
Recently the couple announced that they are ready to make it official.

Экс-супруг мамы Кардашьян вступает в новый брак

Kathleen Jenner #10летспустяФото: Instagram.comcaitlynjenner

Bruce Jenner was born in 1949 in the state of new York, in a large military family. In school study the boy was given difficult because of the disease dyslexia, but in sports it has made great strides. He was predicted a career in football, but a knee injury had future champion go in the decathlon, and he became the winner of the Olympic games in 1976. Later he continued his athletic career and also starred in several TV series, but the movie star did not become. However, the story of becoming a woman made him (her) incredibly popular. On the page Caitlin Jenner Twitter has signed up more than a million people in only 4 hours, breaking the record of us President Barack Obama.

Экс-супруг мамы Кардашьян вступает в новый брак

Frame from the series "California highway patrol" with Bruce Jenner

In 2015 Bruce publicly announced that it wants to become a woman and began hormone therapy.

Sensational to becoming a woman-Jenner managed to marry three times. The first wife was Christy Scott, he lived with her for 10 years. They have two children, Burton and Cassandra. In 1981, the athlete is divorced from Christie and a month later married actress Linda Thompson. The couple had two sons, Brandon and Brody. 5 years later they divorced. In April 1991, Bruce married Kris Kardashian. In marriage they had 2 daughters, Kendall Jenner, who became famous as a model, and Kylie Jenner. The athlete also became the stepfather to four children Chris from a previous marriage: Courtney, now famous, Kim, Chloe and Rob.

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