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Clairvoyant: "Buzova and Batrutdinova intimate relationship"

Psychic Caretta Akhmetzhanova predicts impending pregnancy singing presenter, but not from Timur

A new wave of speculation about the novel, Olga Buzova and Timur Batrutdinova shook the Network, when the star of "House-2" in his message reminded the entertainer of curious details. "You promised to marry me last year, if we can't find the second halves, remember? I'm available. And you?" — wrote Olga. Fans have regarded these words almost as a Declaration of love. Psychic and clairvoyant Caretta Akhmetzhanova also believes that a couple are bound not only friendship, as they always say.

Ясновидящая: «У Бузовой и Батрутдинова интимные отношения»

Caretta, Ahmetzhanova: materials of press-services

"I don't see this as a PR stunt. Batrutdinov Olga is interested, and he likes her. They meet periodically, and I see that they have an intimate relationship. But I don't see that Buzova marry Batrutdinova. Even if it happens for a short while. Timur now no thoughts about marriage, everything is at the level of just meeting and falling in love" — says Casetta.

Ясновидящая: «У Бузовой и Батрутдинова интимные отношения»

Last year Olga Buzova and Timur Batrutdinov constantly accidentally vstrechaite:

In this case a psychic predicts that very soon the reality star will become a mom, but Batrutdinov will have nothing to do with it: "the fate of Buzova is another man, and her pregnancy falls within a very short time. I can say that thoughts Olga more focus on earning money. It's not bad. She sets a goal and, as funny as it was, still reaching. All the way, comes from her childhood. She grew up some a little beaten child. It continually moved off to the side. All its actions are directed to self-affirmation. It seems, unless you prove to herself that she's something in this life, so just all collapse. It looks like a children's maximalism. Here she is. Of course, it someone can genuinely like, and when she marries, it will be a great mom. By the way, the fate of her two heterosexual child. But it's all in perspective. She even considers their relationship as a course and another proof to yourself of its capabilities. In any case, the personality she is bright, and all of us a very long time going to hear and read in the media."

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